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Academic Staff

John Fearnley

Reader email Ashton 3.22    

Research Groups:  ACTOECCO

Research Interests:  Algorithmic Game Theorycomputational complexityformal verification

Module coordinator for:  COMP396 COMP105

Martin Gairing

Professor email Ashton 3.03    

Research Groups:  ACTOECCO

Research Interests:  Algorithmic Game Theoryefficiency of equilibriacombinatorial optimisationapproximation algorithmsthe price of anarchyalgorithms

Rasmus Ibsen-Jensen

Lecturer email Holt 2.01C    

Research Groups:  ECCOVerification

Research Interests:  Game theory, specifically two player zero-sum gamesstatic analysis and evolutionary theoretical biology

Rahul Savani

Professor email Holt 2.15    

Research Groups:  ACTOECCO

Research Interests:  Game theoryAlgorithms & ComplexityMachine LearningAutomated TradingAgent-Based Modelling

Paul Spirakis

Professor email    

Research Groups:  ECCONetworks

Research Interests:  AlgorithmsComplexityFoundations of Distributed Computing and AlgorithmicGame Theory

Konstantinos Tsakalidis

Lecturer email Ashton 1.13    

Research Groups:  ACTOECCO

Research Interests:  Algorithms and data structurescomputational geometrygraph processing

Module coordinator for:  COMP222 Principles of Computer Game Design and Implementation

Dominik Wojtczak

Reader email    

Research Groups:  ACTOECCOVerification

Research Interests:  Probabilistic systemsgame theorycoalition gamescontrol theoryverification of embedded systems


Soumyajit Paul


Supervisors:  Sven Schewe

Research Groups:  ACTOVerificationECCO

Research Interests:  game theoryverification


Nestoras Chalkidis

PhD Student

Supervisors:  Rahul Savani

Research Groups:  ECCO

Research Interests:  Automated TradingDeep LearningMachine Learning