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Open problem series

We regularly run open problem sessions.

TCS@Liverpool Open Problem Away Day

The next open problem away day takes place on 30th March 2023 at Blackburne house. TCS researchers in the Liverpool region are invited to attend.
Organisers: David Purser, Patrick Totzke, and Konstantinos Tsakalidis.

Seminar series

We run several regular seminars described below.
For upcoming talks, check the departmental seminar system.

  • Department Seminar Series
    This is our main seminar series with high-profile talks of interest to the entire Department of Computer Science. It runs irregularly but usually takes place Tuesdays at 1pm.

  • Durham-Liverpool synergy research meetings
    Bi-weekly talks co-organized by our Networks and Distributed Computing group together with the research group of NESTiD (Network Engineering Science and Theory in Durham) at Durham University, as a part of the joint Durham-Liverpool synergy research activities.

Research Group Seminars

The individual research groups run more specialized seminars with both internal and external speakers: